2002 Ohio Camping Conference

January 24, 2002
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Fawcett Hotel & Conference Center
Columbus, OH

9:00 AM ... Registration & Continental Breakfast
9:30 AM ... KEYNOTE - Camp: Oasis in a Tentative World; Linda Ebner Erceg - More than ever, our nation's children and staff will come to camp seeking a place in which to celebrate themselves. Yet these same youth bring personal histories which have often conditioned them for existence in a setting quite different from camp. Explore both worlds with Linda. 'Camp gives kids a world of good' now has more significance than ever before. Is your camp truly a healthy camp community?
A Sessions
10:45 AM ... Anxious Ann, Depressed Dan, Tourette Tom & Company; Linda Ebner Erceg - Campers and staff with psychiatric diagnoses are coming to camp more than ever before. This session explores the impact of these folks in the camp community with a special emphasis on partnering with parents and developing strategies for success which compliment camp's culture. Room 1
10:45 AM ... Skills Assessment of Future Employees; Larry Coon - How Hocking College Backcountry Horsemanship program conducts skill training and assessment of student achievement. Plus how to determine your programming, staffing and training needs. Room 2
10:45 AM ... Crisis Management; Rodney Chatman - Managing a crisis - Crisis plans - Physiological response to crisis - Safety of the camp Room 3
10:45 AM ... Building Blocks; Kimberly Brosnan; Maureen Vazzano - Come and experience the many 'blocks' that make our day camps successful. We'll share schedules, make a craft, play a game,and experience/create some science. We will also share other key components that make our programs FUN! Please bring your favorite day camp scheduling idea to share. Room 4
10:45 AM ... I've Got the Job...Now What?; John Erdman - You've got that great new camp job, now what? Learn how to get off to a fast start and make the most of your first six months. Discover how to establish credibility and authority. Discuss how to evalaute your new camp and its staff and program. Explore strategies for managing change. Room 5
10:45 AM ... Monetary Mayhem; Ginger Cowne; Michael McGinty; Dan McKay - Come join an exciting and riveting discussion on MONEY! Staff salaries and bonuses! Fee Structures! Program expenses! Budgets! How does your camp run a great program without breaking the bank?? Come share, discuss, and learn from other camps in this fun-filled, financial, round table discussion. Room 6
12:10 PM ... Lunch and ACA Ohio Section Business Meeting
B Sessions
1:45 PM ... What It Means to Supervise; Linda Ebner Erceg - Targeting the needs of staff who supervise other staff, the session provides core supervision skills based on Conferencing Strategies, perception as a supervisor, and conflict reduction skills. Room 1
1:45 PM ... Growth & Development of Camp Boards; Allison Dowell - Discover the principals of Governance as an effective process for board development. Learn more about evaluating a board, the process of taking a board through change, and reaching a new level of effectiveness in this most important leadership position. We will take a look at: Vision and mission; Goals and objectives; Effectiveness of the corporation; Fundraising. Room 2
1:45 PM ... Marketing (and Filling) Your Camp Year-Round; Christine Parker - Camps need to bring in revenue all months of the year to remain viable. How do you do it? What makes sense for your camp - your staff and your budgets? It can be done. Come find out how. Room 3
1:45 PM ... Day Camp Directors Round Table - Staffing; Kathleen Hamilton - Staff recruitment, training, development and retention - all these issues will be discussed. Learn from the experts - each other. Room 4
1:45 PM ... Teen Programming; Cathy Scheder; Peg Smith - What's new and hot in Teen Programming. Why Teen Programming is important. What is the future of teen programming. Room 5
1:45 PM ... Staff Training Sensations; Benji Sayre; Renee Wilhelm - Want to make your staff training more interesting and interactive? Bring your best staff training ideas to share as we take you through an entire week of sensational staff training. You will leave this interactive session with tons of exciting ways to spice up your staff training. Room 6
2:00 PM ... Horse Management for Horse Camps; Robert Kline - Health, nutrition and care of camp horses. *** OFF SITE - MUST PRE-REGISTER *** OFF SITE
C Sessions
3:15 PM ... Benefits are Endless; Michelle Park - This session will briefly introduce the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association to the audience then will move into an interactive exchange about the benefits of parks and recreation with a camp appproach. Participants will begin to use a benefits approach when promoting camp facilities and activities. Room 1
3:15 PM ... Creating the Emergency Ready-Reference Manual; Mary Miles - This session will help the camp director update the camp's emergency planning procedures into a user-friendly, comprehensive manual. We will also show ways to involve the local emergency response community in the process and finally how to test emergency plans through table top and actual emergency simulations. Room 2
3:15 PM ... Camp Alumni Programs in the New Millenium; Stuart Weinberg - How is your camp alumni program coming along? What are other camps doing? All of your camp alumni program questions will be discussed - and hopefully answered - in this session which will touch on preparations, logistics, staffing, volunteers, and use of current technology. Room 3
3:15 PM ... Quick and Powerful Closings; W. Patrick Smith - Walk away with several new creative closings for a variety of camp communities, situations, and sizes. Learn why closings are important and how to get more from the camp experience. Room 4
3:15 PM ... Child Development; Peg Smith - How does the critical child development knowledge converge during the camp experience. How does that influence who we are and what we do? Is it important? Does it really add value? Room 5
3:15 PM ... Games in Chairs; Dennis Elliott - The content of this session will focus on learning to lead activities that are fun and help campers get to know each other better. We will play games that can be played while sitting in chairs, so they can be used on rainy days. The games are active and fun to play, thus providing a learning environment that is satisfying and effective. The activities require a minimum of equipment that is inexpensive and easy to transport. Room 6