From: Julie_Findley/NEO/USE/ To: CC: James_Betts/NEO/USE/,, Date: Wed, January 29, 2003 10:47 am Subject: Program Description Summary - ACA Grant Dear Stuart, Mike McGinty sent me an email requesting that we forward you a description of our program for which we are being awarded Ohio ACA grant money this year. The summary follows. Baby Steps for Young Mothers This purpose of this program is to provide a weekend at camp for young mothers ages 19 and under with a focus on fellowship, parenting education, and addressing psychosocial issues. The Salvation Army comes into contact with many young mothers through our churches and social services. Typically many of the peers / friends of these young ladies come to our summer camp for at least one session. However, generally speaking, these young ladies do not get to experience camp due to their parenting responsibilities. The weekend will focus on providing a non-threatening environment for the girls to enjoy camp and learn new skills at the same time. Basic skills such as Infant / Child CPR and choking relief will be taught as well as accident prevention for infants / children. We will also focus on psychosocial topics such as self-esteem, fitting in with peers, and planning for the future. The majority of the sessions will be led by our Youth Department staff whose educational backgrounds are in Communications, Psychology, and Nursing. Child care will be provided on camp for the weekend if the mothers choose to bring their children along. Please let me know if you need any further information. Thanks and have a great day! Sincerely, Julie Findley Youth & Young Adult Ministry Coordinator 216-623-7457