Craig Greenlee, Chair
last updated:
February 1, 1999

The following individuals comprised the Nominating Committee for 1998: Craig Greenlee, Chuck Moritz, Tony Collins, and Rose Hughes. Input was also received from the 1998 Executive Committee. The work of the committee was completed primarily through mail and telephone communications.

The positions to be filled included Chairpersons for each of the following committees: Religiously Affiliated Camps, Day Camps, and the Nominating Committee. In addition two At-Large members were elected to the Nominating Committee. The following are the election results:

Religiously Affiliated Camps Darci Siber Wildwood Christian Education Center
Day Camps Karen Earley Countryside YMCA
Nominating Committee Chuck Moritz Camp Otterbein
At-Large Nominating Committee Dave Steele
Paul Holcomb
YMCA Camp Kern
Big Brothers, Big Sisters

A special thanks to all of the individuals that agreed to place their name into nomination. The willingness of individuals to accept the responsibility of Board leadership is what allows our Section to remain strong and a single state section.

Source: 1998 Directory and Annual Report