Craig Greenlee, President
last updated:
March 8, 2000

In the fall of 1998 over 50% of the section membership responded to a member satisfaction survey. The messages they sent through their responses were clear, and for the most part, united. Our members were extremely satisfied with the efforts of the section standards and education committee. They felt as though their needs were being met on the legislation front, and the specific constituent groups were pleased with the responsiveness of the board to their particular needs.

Membership and Public Awareness are two areas that members indicated growth and improvement were needed. The membership also responded very decisively on the issue of whether or not our section should consider merging with another section. Other than two responses that said merging should be looked into, the remaining respondents were emphatically against the concept.

In January of 1999 a new board and administration used the results of the survey to begin charting the course of the section for the next three years. Under the mandate of remaining a single state section, the goals were clear: build on our strengths, increase membership, develop a comprehensive plan for public relations, and insure that the necessary resources are established so that Ohio could remain a single state section.

After the first year, I am pleased to report that we are on our way to meeting those goals. Utilizing the new national reporting criteria, the board has completed an analysis of our strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats that our section is now, or soon may be facing. A commitment for the Executive Committee to "get serious about membership growth" and to explore other means of generating "non-dues revenue" will be at the forefront of all we do in the coming year.

No president's report would be complete without an appeal to membership to become more involved in the section. While your increased involvement is always welcomed, my appeals to each of you this year is different. Help us "get serious about membership growth". I am asking each member to recruit one new individual member to ACA in the coming year.

We know that the reasons most individuals become involved in an organization is because someone personally asks them to join. I am sure that there is someone: a staff member, a colleague, a supervisor, or a friend, who you know that can benefit from becoming a member of our association. Please help us grow. For it is the resource of membership that holds the key to the future of our section.

Source: 1998 Directory and Annual Report