Southwest Ohio Cluster Training Survey
Training Name:  Trip Leader / Wilderness First Aid
Dates:  May 7 & 8 -Wilderness First Aid, May 9, 10, 11, 12, 13-Field Course
Cost:  WFA-$250, Field Course $625
Will cover topics such as:  navigation, hygeine, equipment selection and repair, emergency procedures and evacuation, Leave No Trace, expedition behavior, feminine topics, travel plans, travel hazards, river crossings, route considerations, search and rescue, lightning, hydration, sanitation, plus more.
This will include food during the course, training materials, and certificate.  There is the potential for arranging group travel to and from the Daniel Boone National Forest.  Limited backpacking equipment is available to supplement participants needs.
Please e-mail or phone Shane Riffle at the Countryside YMCA, or (513) 932-1424 ext. 153.  I would appreciate any feedback on this topic.

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