Birds' Droppings

August 2001

Message from the Prez

2001 a Camp Oddity

Dear friends, I use the term loosly, and fellow Men's Campers. The news from the sunny Southland of Virginia is not so hot. It seems when I moved here from Ohio I brought the cold weather with me. Last winter was the coldest they have had in 10 years, and now the summer is 10 degrees colder than normal. Shucks, it is warmer in Columbus than it is in Virginia Beach.

HAL is still giving me problems but I am working on him to get all the bugs out before Camp. The other day I thought HAL was messing with me
again. I was in the backyard, watching the grass grow, when I had a mind blowing experience. Suddenly out of the ground a minilith started rising. This strange black object then started spraying the area with a wet acid to destroy everything around it. I ran as fast as I could, on my crutches, to escape this terror.

I remember hearing the gleeful laugh of HAL as I reached the safty of the house. I then realized my wife had turned on the underground
watering system for the backyard. I had barely escaped the horrible fate of undergoing what the West Virginians call a shower. Since I did not have any soap with me, it would have been a perfect example. At least I do not have a river close to me, such as the Ohio, that floods; so I don't have to worry about what Bert (et. al.) call a Cincinnati bath.

It is only a short time till Men's Camp and I understand Vice Prez Burks is working up some new and exciting events for this year. I am
looking forward to seeing all of you at Camp. I think I will be able to make it up North without too many problems, once I get my exit visa from

May God watch over, and protect you till we meet at camp.



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