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ACA Ohio Section - Ohio Camping Conference

February 02, 2004
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Fawcett Hotel & Conference Center
2400 Olentangy River Rd
Columbus, OH

MapQuest Directions to Fawcett Hotel & Conference Center: Click here

ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR NEW REGISTRANTS ONLY, including option for payment using PayPal

9:00 AM ... Registration, Meet the Vendors
9:30 AM ... KEYNOTE - Seven Habits of the Highly Effective Camp:; Gary E. Forster - Using Jim Collins paradigm of "Good to Great," Gary details in images and ideas the common competencies and philosophies that the most successful camps share in Communication, Program, Leadership & Facilities.
10:45 AM ... A1 - Master Planning for Camps and Conference Centers; Nancy K. Nozik, AIA - Workshop outlines the steps required to develop a comprehensive site development plan for your camp/conference center. Case studies will be presented. Self-help materials covering key elements of how to prepare before and after you begin the site planning process will be available.
10:45 AM ... A2 - Aquatic Safety; Andrew G. Silverman - Aquatic Safety Awareness for those who have little or no background in aquatics.
10:45 AM ... A3 - Staff Recruiting Through Performance-Based Interviewing; Gary E. Forster - Major companies have been using this technique of interviewing for years. It permits you to get accurate information on your candidates past performance, not just their ability to answere "hypothetical" questions!
10:45 AM ... A4 - Song-Leading Session; Maureen C. Vazzano; Jamie K. Sanders
10:45 AM ... A5 - Getting Your Non-Profit Board to Embrace Active Fund-Raising; Susan E. Yoder - If your camp board has not been actively involved in fund raising and you need help inspiring them to action - this is the session for you. The emphasis will be on non-profit boards. You will walk away with resources, samples, and recommendations about next steps for your camp board.
10:45 AM ... A6 - Day Camp Management: Panel of Camp Directors; Myra Pravda; John W. King; Lou Thalheimer; Kim Brosnan - Day camp staffing, scheduling, flexible sessions, marketing, specialists, talking to parents, off camp trips, forms, attendance, safety, etc. These and more issues and challenges of day camps today will be addressed by our panel of experts. Bring your concerns and questions. Join our panel of experts Kim, John and Lou and moderator Myra for an interesting, informative session!
12:10 PM ... Lunch and ACA Ohio Section Business Meeting
1:45 PM ... B1 - Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time: Effective Facility Changes; Gary E. Forster - Full Title - Eating the Elephant One Bite at a Time: Examples of the most effective facility changes you can make. Setting priorities is often our biggest challenge. If you tackle the problems that can have the biggest payouts first, you'll buy the time and support to make a lasting difference.
1:45 PM ... B2 - Practical Tips for the Camp Nurse; Katherine Sink, PhD - This session will include practical tips for assisting the camp nurse. Included in the presentation are guidelines regarding the privacy statement (HIPAA), medication documentation, and health assessments. Time will be allotted for participant questions and discussion.
1:45 PM ... B3 - The Power of Belief - Training Your Staff to Work With Your kids!; Dawn Ewing - Staff are our single most important tool for safe and successful summers. Spend time exploring training techniques for your staff to be used before, during and after camp that will allow for both your campers and staff to be celebrated, believed in and eager to come back for more!
1:45 PM ... B4 - Science as Art? Art as Science?; Kim Brosnan; Maureen C. Vazzano - A hands-on collection of activities that can be used as both Art and Science activites all using relatively inexpensive materials. Participants will leave with samples, directions and a list of resources.
1:45 PM ... B5 - Adapting Programs Across Ages and Abilities; Kalli Hintz; Cindy K. Ricica; Michelle Beekman - During this session we will present a day of thematic programming adapted for three different age groups and introduce adaptations for different ability levels. This Session will include Hands on crafts and activities.
1:45 PM ... B6 - Recycling Your Throwaways; Phyllis Wiley - Ideas will be shared that can be used for camp projects or your craft programs. Plan now for the summer! There will be samples to see. A handout will be provided.
3:15 PM ... C1 - How Green is your Camp? Integrating Green/Sustainable Design Practices; Nancy K. Nozik, AIA - Integrate green and sustainable design principles in planning and designing your future and existing camp facilities. Explore ways to position your organization as a leader in sustainability and green design. Gain membership, marketing, staffing, and funding rsources in the process. Case studies of existing facilities will be included along with resources.
3:15 PM ... C2 - What Insurance Claims Teach Us; Ed A. Schirick - This session will focus on why claims occur and what camping professionals can do to reduce the risk and prevent claims in the future.
3:15 PM ... C3 - Panel - CIT & Jr. Counselor Programs; Anne Brienza; Amy M. Thompson; Rich G. Garbinsky
3:15 PM ... C4 - Dealing with Difficult Behaviors in Individuals With Developmental Disabilities; Cheryl A. Tresnan - Techniques for the treatment of persons who have developmental disabilities and challenging behaviors has changed drastically from consquence-based treatments that relied heavily on negative strategies to more positive approaches that emphasize prevention. A overview and discussion on current philosophies, becoming part of the treatment team, common treatment strategies, and documentation for effective support plans.
3:15 PM ... C5 - Somethings Old, Somethings New, Most Things Borrowed, Some Blue Too; Larissa A. Kopestonsky; Patrick Smith - Just like in TV sitcoms, there are a limited number of basic games out there, but there are millions of different ways to play them. This session will focus on the millions of ways to play. Take some some "new to you" activities that will build community at camp and provide hours of leaning and fun.
3:15 PM ... C6 - Round Bale Discussions; Beth Powers - This will be an informal sharing of ideas, problems, resources surrounding your equestrian programs. Any topic is fair game from the west nile virus to tack repair to working with inner city youth. We will share what works for us and what we would like to do with our programs. I don't have all the answers but may be able to point you in the right direction.