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February 7, 2009

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ACA Ohio Section - Ohio Camping Conference

January 29, 2009
*** RESCHEDULED to March 4, 2009 ***
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center
2201 Fred Taylor Dr
Columbus, OH

MapQuest Directions to Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center: Click here

ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR NEW REGISTRANTS ONLY, including option for payment using PayPal

9:00 AM ... Registration, Meet the Vendors
9:30 AM ... Welcome & Keynote Speaker; Terie D. Smith
11:00 AM ... A1 - Follow-Up to Keynote Presentation; Terie D. Smith - Continue with the keynote speaker and look at how we teach our students and clients about how to use several sets of hidden rules within poverty. Find ways to break this pattern with our campers.
11:00 AM ... A2 - Using the Web to Interact with Parents; Marketing, Registration, and Communicati; Ali Mann - Look at different ways you can use the web to improve your interactions with parents. Specifically looking at ways you can better market your program, improve your registration process, and better communicate with parents (before, during, and after the summer)
11:00 AM ... A3 - Introduction to Facilitation: A beginners adventure; Michael D. Ohl; Ian K. Roberts - This beginners workshop is designed to introduce the participant to the exciting world of teambuilding and facilitation. Learn what it means to facilitate and the role a facilitator plays in a group. Do hands on experiential activities during this session.
11:00 AM ... A4 - Leave No Trace; Greg Yost - Leave No Trace is a national program dedicated to the responsible enjoyment and active stewardship of the outdoors by all people. Whether in the front country or back country, the Leave No Trace principles provide a simple guide to minimize our impact on the environment when out in the woods. Via several simple activities and group discussion, this session will provide an introduction to the seven principles and how they can be incorporated into youth group camping.
11:00 AM ... A5 - Feeding the Brain—How to Use Puppets to Increase Students’ Attention, Memory, Im; Joyce M. Davis - Have fun in this innovative workshop, exploring a variety of ways children can be motivated to listen, learn, laugh and strengthen memory skills using puppets. Spontaneity and confidence are key elements as participants become believers in “puppet power” and gain insight on how to use them effectively.
11:00 AM ... A6 - Trends and Hot Topics from the ACA Camp Crisis - We will review the trends and hot topics from the ACA Camp Crisis Hotline. In addition, we will spend time with case studies from those calls to help attendees plan for the unexpected at their camp.
12:30 PM ... ACA Ohio Section Business Meeting and Lunch
2:30 PM ... B1 - Resources: The Asset Lens; Terie D. Smith - Discuss how we view our participants in poverty, where our resources come from, and the importance of building social connections.  As Ruby says, 'Failure' is often not a lack of intelligence, but a lack of resources.  This session is also based on this premise by Robert Putnam:  The correlation between our success in life and our education level is weaker than the correlation between our success in life and our social capital (systems of support). 
2:30 PM ... B2 - Expanding Cultural Literacy in Teens: A Global Camp Experience; Steve D. Brady - Today’s youth are growing up in an exciting time—an age of diversity. We live in a rapidly changing world where international travel and business are common. At the same time there are also many differences in language, clothing style, cultural practices with out traveling to another state or country. Multicultural skills and understanding are necessary for relating to others who are different. Values, ideas and cultural norms that are different from one’s own are never easily accepted unless people have the opportunity to experience the differences first hand.
2:30 PM ... B3 - Everything you Always Wanted to Know about ACA’s 20/20 Vision but were afraid to; Rich G. Garbinsky - The time is NOW to create ACA’s 20/20 Vision, a vision of commitment to serve 20 million campers and 20,000 customers by the year 2020. Today, 10 million children and youth go to camp annually. Yet, we are only directly impacting 3 million of those experiences. By 20/20, we want no fewer than 20 million children going to camp annually with the ACA camp community directly impacting the lives of those 20 million children. Come and talk about how this is being accomplished and how important YOU are to this Vision!
2:30 PM ... B4 - E Institute, make online learning work before camp starts!; Kim Brosnan - Taking advantage of the ACA’s online classes will help you train your staff before they arrive, update your knowledge on ACA standards, help you create the right youth outcomes for your camp program and more. Join a member of the ACA national staff and tour the online courses offered.
2:30 PM ... B5 - Using Puppets to Teach about Nature and the Environment; Joyce M. Davis - Puppets will demonstrate how powerful they can be to teach and improve memory skills. They will increase a child’s attention span while delighting children and adults alike. Be prepared to have fun and learn to use puppets with kids.
2:30 PM ... B6 - Keeping Everyone Safe: Accommodating Camp Participants with Food Allergies; Lisa D. McCutcheon - Participants will better understand food allergies, how exposure to allergens often occurs, and the reactions that can be caused by exposure. Participants will receive materials and reliable key resources recommended by respected professionals to assist them in safeguarding the youth with whom they work.
3:30 PM ... Break and Meet Vendors
4:00 PM ... C1 - Coping with conflicts at camp using 'The Clear Message Format'; Wes E. Supper - As a camp counselor you will want to motivate campers (and other staff) to choose different behaviors in the future. Conflicts will arise which you will want to resolve. It can be difficult but there is a proven method known as 'The Clear Message Format' for attending to these difficult, yet extremely important camp counselor tasks. It is an ideal tool for the camp staff's tool box, hitting all of the values we as camp professionals hold dear.
4:00 PM ... C2 - Using Social Networking for Good; Dan Reynolds - Facebook… MySpace… Linked-In… What are they saying on-line about you and your camp? This interactive session will look at camp policies and ways that camps utilize Social Networking sites to their advantage. Come prepared to share your camp’s experiences and best practices.
4:00 PM ... C3 - Wacky Science; Jill M. Stechschulte - Are you looking for ways to introduce campers to the world of life science? Expand your collection of fun-filled science activities that you can do at camp that are keyed to national science education standards. Come discover weird and wacky science at camp through hands on activities exploring polymers and edible science experiments.
4:00 PM ... C4 - Tour 4-H Center, Focus: Green Buildings - Tour the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, the first all green building on The Ohio State University’s campus. and discover the different aspects that make it green. Take the knowledge you learn here back to your camp to make it more environmentally friendly.
4:00 PM ... C5 - Executive Roundtable; Anne Brienza - Bring your pressing questions or items to share as we share our vast knowledge with one another. While primarily geared to the resident camp executive level directors, other directors are welcome.
4:00 PM ... C6 - ACA Website, finding the hidden gems!; Kim Brosnan - Find the treasure that sometimes seems to be hidden in the ACA website. You’ll find resources that will help you with almost anything; staff training, purchasing a new camp, marketing your camp, and more. Get the most out of the ACA!
5:00 PM ... Evaluations and Head Home