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American Camp Association Ohio
5244 Bandon Court
Dublin, OH 43016-4312
614-766-4519 or 800-837-2269
FAX: 614-766-4519
2003 Ohio Camping Conference

January 30, 2003
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Fawcett Hotel & Conference Center
Columbus, OH
Directions: http://www.fawcettcenter.com/map.html

On-Line Registration Info and Form

9:00 AM ... Registration & Continental Breakfast
9:30 AM ... KEYNOTE - The Banana Slug String Band - The Banana Slug String Band is a group of lovable musicians and educators from the coastal redwoods of Northern California. The Slugs are "Airy" Larry Graff, Doug "Dirt" Greenfield, "Solar" Steve Van Zandt and "Marine" Mark Nolan. With voices, guitars, mandolin, bass, harmonica, banjo and percussion, the songs range from rockin' boogies to sensitive ballads, from folk songs to reggae and rap. They blend music, theater, puppetry and audience participation to create a fun-filled learning experience. The Banana Slug String Band is committed to educational entertainment for children and families through interactive music and performance. We are dedicated to fostering positive attitudes about the environment, providing accurate information about natural history and science, promoting music appreciation, building self esteem in children, honoring creativity, supporting the arts in education and sparking in people a joyful sense of wonder. Through the production of tapes, CD's, videos, songbooks, picture books, curriculum, activity guides, teacher workshops and concerts, we hope to make these values accessible to an increasingly wider audience. We endorse and support collaboration with other individuals and organizations that promote the well being of children, family and the environment. We believe that music is a powerful instrument for honoring diversity while uniting people for the common good.
A Sessions
10:45 AM ... A1 - A Comparison of ACA and CHA Equestrian Standards; Polly H. Barger - Workshop will compare the differences and similarities of the Equestrian area standards of ACA and CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association).
10:45 AM ... A2 - Media Savvy - Crisis Mode; Marla Coleman - We never know when we will be interviewed, on camera or in print. Learn your rights and some techniques, by watching Marla Coleman, ACA National President, and Peg Smith, ACA Executive Director, go through professional training and coaching. These bloopers will help illustrate how to deal with the media in the event of a crisis affecting your camp. Handouts to help you frame your own crisis responses and key messages from ACA dealing with crisis management. It takes language and practice! This session will address both.
10:45 AM ... A3 - Managing the Risks in Paddling Activities; Virgil Chambers - Canoeing and kayaking are great ways to get today's youth and adults away from the computers and on the water trails of nature. It is an activity that can be a challenge both physically and mentally however, it isn't without risk. Risk management is a process of doing all you can to protect people and property from mishap. Leader's should complete a "risk audit" when taking a group out on the water. We will discuss how to approach an inventory of the risk when involved in paddling activities.
10:45 AM ... A4 - Dirt Made My Lunch; Larry Graff; Doug M. Greenfield; Steve Van Zandt - This action packed workshop is a complete unit about dirt - find out how dirt is made and how it makes all our food. We'll be singing with "Mr. Dirt," the puppet, doing the Roots, Stems, Leaves, Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds Dance, and "getting down" with decomposition.
10:45 AM ... A5 - Activities for Including Campers with Disabilities; Tim Fox; Dan Reynolds - Learn how to include campers with disabilities into your traditional camp program. This session will give activity ideas and adaptiations. Bring some of your own ideas as well.
10:45 AM ... A6 - Staff Maintenance Through the Summer; Dennis L. Elliott - We will discuss successful methods you can use to improve communication and maintain staff enthusiasm throughout the summer. Come prepared to share ideas that work for you.
B Sessions
1:45 PM ... B1 - Reducing the Risk in Your Equestrian Program; Polly H. Barger - Whereas there is no such thing as a risk-free horseback program, there are specific things you can do to reduce that risk. This workshop will focus on things ranging from horse selection, facility issues and staff training to procedures and operations.
1:45 PM ... B2 - Devotions Hands On; Kathleen E. Hamilton - We will look at different types of devotions for a variety of situations - from the serious to the not necessarily serious. Many geared to hands on interaction and internalization of basic character concepts.
1:45 PM ... B3 - Camp ADAPT; Addressing Diversity through Camping; John Litten - At OCC 2002, Camp Christopher received a grant from ACA Ohio to put on a camp where two 8th grade classes, one urban & one suburban, could meet to discuss openly their differences of race, social status and economic status. Since then 5 such 24 hour long camps have been conducted with some incredible results. Come and see what makes this program so successful and how you can make the same thing happen for you using already existing resources.
1:45 PM ... B4 - Feathers, Fur, Scales, and Skin; Larry Graff; Doug M. Greenfield; Steve Van Zandt - This workshop includes songs, poems, and activities that teach about the different animal groups, their habitats and their interrelationships. A mini-unit on the ocean is presented with songs from our award winning recording, Slugs At Sea. Come ready to do the Tide Pool Boogie, build a fish, and talk like an insect!
1:45 PM ... B5 - Ask the Experts - Staff Issues; Anne Brienza; Gregory J. Donahue; Gerald C. Duffie; Rich Garbinsky - Day camp and resident camp staff issues? Who, you? How do other directors handle these issues? The experts have gathered to answer your questions regarding staff issues. Put your questions to the test and let this panel, with over a century of experience between them, answer them. The session will be moderated by Stuart Weinberg, Recruitment & Retention Chair.
C Sessions
3:15 PM ... C1 - Ask the Experts - Equestrian Issues; Polly H. Barger; Beth Powers; Piper Uhl - Join Polly Barger, CHA President-Elect and Equestrian Directors Beth Powers & Piper Uhl for a roundtable discussion regarding anything equestrian - certifying staff, horse selection/screening, horse nutrition, etc.
3:15 PM ... C2 - Day Camp Round Table; Kathleen E. Hamilton - Join us for an open discussion on issues particular to the Day Camp world. We will look at topics such as staff recruitment and development, program development and sharing and other related topics. Learn from the experts, each other.
3:15 PM ... C3 - Preparing Lifeguards for Your Waterfront Needs; Roberta Grossman - They're trained in lifeguarding but are they prepared? Natural bodies of water differ greatly from pools. Learn to train your staff on the specific challenges waterfronts present.
3:15 PM ... C4 - All Dressed Up; Kellianne Tobul - Think you have to wait until Halloween to dress up? Great costumes can make an ordinary program unforgettable. Learn ways to incorporate costumes into any program and how to find inexpensive materials that will make an impression. Come prepared to get "All Dressed UP"!
3:15 PM ... C5 - Outdoor Cooking with Denny & Jerry; Gerald C. Duffie; Dennis L. Elliott - We will be sharing several fun and easy ways to share the joy of outdoor cooking with your campers. We will be cooking outdoors in foil, in dutch ovens and in some other ways that will impress your campers. Come prepared to eat what we cook.
3:15 PM ... C6 - Creating a Rich Camp Culture through Ceremony; W. Patrick Smith - Ceremonies, rites, and rituals can play important roles in creating camp culture for both campers and staff. Learn about the personal value ceremony can bring to your program as well as some new ways of using a variety of activities both new and old.
Appetizers & Raffle
4:30 PM ... Stick around and join us for appetizers and a raffle! Including a chance to win a free ACA Individual Membership. Donations of raffle items will be accepted at the registration table. All proceeds to benefit the Grants Program.