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ACA Ohio Section - Ohio Camping Conference

January 25, 2007
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Greater Columbus Convention Center
400 North High Street
Columbus, OH

MapQuest Directions to Greater Columbus Convention Center: Click here

ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR NEW REGISTRANTS ONLY, including option for payment using PayPal

9:00 AM ... Registration, Meet the Vendors
9:30 AM ... Welcome & Keynote by Jeffrey Leiken: Teens in Camp, Camp for Teens; Jeffrey Leiken - “My child never does that at home! There must be something you’re doing wrong!” If you’ve ever heard a parent utter these words during the summer, you need to hear this presentation! “I don’t care about this character stuff—I just want my child to be happy!” Parents seem increasingly to micro-manage their child’s lives, position themselves as their children’s “friends,” rather than authorities and want to put their children in a bubble to protect them from any harm, set back or disappointment. Come find out what’s behind these trends and learn not only how to respond to challenging situations and to improve your relations with parents overall.
10:30 AM ... A1 - Introduction to Fund Raising; Len Ford - Len will provide material and resources to cover all phases of fund raising. He will focus on what it takes to run a capital campaign (asking for those big gifts) and will be prepared to answer your fundraising questions.
10:30 AM ... A2 - Teens in Camp- An exploration of what works; Jeffrey Leiken - Many teens opt for summer jobs or travel camps that offer fun without challenge, over the leadership opportunities available in traditional camp. The camping industry as a whole is faced with the challenge of how to keep teen’s interest and keep them involved as they go through this phase of life in the modern world. This session will examine the best practices of the organizations who are not just succeeding, they are thriving. Walk away with practical strategies and useful insights that can help your teen program.
10:30 AM ... A3 - Healthy Kids Initiative; Maggie D. King - The childhood obesity rate in the US is a major concern for many. During this session Maggie will share YMCA Camp Willson's Healthy Kids Initiative that was supported by a 2006 grant from the Ohio ACA. This session will conclude with time to share ideas among participating camps and generate strategies to increase camper awareness of healthy eating and exercise habits.
10:30 AM ... A4 - Researching the Markets of our Camps; Greg Homan; Jeff S. Dick; Jason Hedrick - The researchers will highlight a research study conducted on the topic of marketing youth camps. The focus of this project included the effectiveness of marketing methods, the camp enrollment decision (parent vs. child), and the impact of parent/youth/other adults in the decision to attend summer camping programs. The presenters will not only share the results of their study of 4-H camp parents, but will also provide opportunities for camp directors to analyze their marketing methods to effectively reach their audiences.
10:30 AM ... A5 - Partnership with Your Parents; Dan Grabel - Positive relationships with parents is an essential piece to a successful summer and future recruitment. This session will address how you can help parents feel comfortable about sending their child to your camp, how to deal with difficult and "high maintenance" parents, and how to enlist your parents to be your greatest advocates.
10:30 AM ... A6 - A Health Check-up for Your Camp Facility; Nancy K. Nozik, AIA - Are your camp facilities in good condition? From documentation to assessment to a clear checklist of maintenance items, we will look at ways to keep your facility feeling its best. There are many things that you and your staff can do yourselves, as well as outside resources to help you keep track of it all.
10:30 AM ... A7 - Dancing in Lines, Squares and Circles:; Dr. Jim Cain, PhD - Third generation square dance caller, musician and dancer Jim Cain teaches a variety of songs, dances and musical activities. Learn how to use dancing to build community in your camp setting.
12:10 PM ... Lunch and ACA Ohio Section Business Meeting
1:45 PM ... B1 - Grant Writing 101: Finding Prospective Funders; Carolyn Watkins - This session will focus on how to identify and approach corporations, foundations, and government grant makers.
1:45 PM ... B2 - Staff Training They Will Remember, Retain, and Utilize; Jeffrey Leiken - What you’ll hear in this session you’ll remember for years to come. You’ll also learn how to make certain you consistently run sessions in your staff training that your staff will remember as well. Be prepared to be both inspired and educated in the art of creating memorable experiences for large audiences.
1:45 PM ... B3 - Skins, Skulls, and Scats – All are available from the Division of Wildlife!; Lindsay Deering - This session will focus on the popular fur and mammal trunks including their contents and how they can be used to help address Ohio’s academic standards. We will also talk about other items available that can help enhance your camp programs.
1:45 PM ... B4 - The Minimum Wage Amendment and the Impact on Camps - This session will help camps understand the new minimum wage amendment and the interpretations to camps. Come prepared with questions.
1:45 PM ... B5 - Comfort with Inclusion: How to Interact with & Include Campers with Disabilities; Shawn P. Dunaway; Laura J. Smith - This session focuses on creating an inclusive attitude, the foundation for what follows – inclusive camp activities. You will learn the philosophy, elements and practice of person first language as well as modification techniques with universal applications. Come prepared to participate in eye-opening exercises designed to enhance your staff’s ability to serve campers with disabilities.
1:45 PM ... B6 - New ACA Standards - What does it mean for us?; Eric C. Dingler; Dan Reynolds - This session will give camp directors and administrative staff information on the new standards that are being implemented in 2007 and other standards related changes. There will be time for questions and answers as well.
1:45 PM ... B7 - Raccoon Circles - Hot off the press!; Dr. Jim Cain, PhD - A newly revised and greatly expanded edition of The Book of Raccoon Circles is now available with more than 200 different activities, stories, games and ideas for making a simple piece of tubular webbing a valuable and important part of your camp program. This hands-on session will provide you with many of the new ideas from the book
3:00 PM ... Dessert and Meet Vendors
4:00 PM ... C1 - Grant Writing 102: Writing An Effective Proposal; Carolyn Watkins - This session will focus on avoiding common mistakes grant applicants make, developing realistic budgets and timelines, and making the case for funding your project.
4:00 PM ... C2 - Training Leadership Staff to Confidently and Effectively Give Critical Feedback; Jeffrey Leiken - For seasoned veterans and new leaders. You’ll learn not just how to teach this to others, but how to do it more effectively yourself. Many leadership staff are great with handling the details and great with the campers, but lack the confidence to give their staff effective and timely critical feedback. Many become too consumed with hurting feelings or being perceived badly. Here you’ll learn to teach them to make these concerns non-factors and markedly improve staff effectiveness.
4:00 PM ... C3 - Science Beyond the Classroom . . . Marketing Your Strengths to Ohio's Schools; Bob Horton - Directors are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to service the school community with meaningful outdoor classroom enrichment programs. This presentation will focus on the various 4-H School enrichment programs that target specific standards in science for Ohio's elementary grade classrooms. Special attention will be given to the delivery of these curricula in the context of school camping programs. Anticipated student results include a deeper understanding and appreciation of related science concepts, competent use of science thinking and process skills and a demonstration of best practices that can have immediate application for teachers in the classroom.
4:00 PM ... C4 - Online Communities – Policies for Staff & Campers; Jody Oates; Eric H. Witte - Myspace, Facebook, Zanga and other virtual communities are changing the world of communication and personal information. This session will share policies that camps are using to protect the image and message of your camp. Policies to be shared will include staff (volunteer and paid) in regard to their online pages and the posting of camper pictures, names and information and policies for campers as well as communication channels for parents of campers.
4:00 PM ... C5 - Behavior Management Roundtable; Anne Brienza; Dan Reynolds - Anne and Dan will give a very short overview of different approaches to behavior management at camps and then will lead into roundtable discussions. Roundtable discussions for both traditional and special needs focuses will allow directors/staff to share their experiences and expertise.
4:00 PM ... C6 - 'Who Will Care When Camp's Not There - building relevance in today's world'.; Peg Smith - Our world is undergoing a radical cultural transformation. What does that mean for the camp industry? Fading markets, accelerated expectations and demands, environmental and economic conditions, competing priorities - what must we do to remain viable in today and tomorrow's world? What is our responsibility to tomorrow/s children, youth, and families? How do we demonstrate we are a part of the answer? Come to this inspirational session to learn more and articulate this important message.
4:00 PM ... C7 - The $30 Teambuilding Program; Dr. Jim Cain, PhD - If you have ever wanted to incorporate teambuilding activities into your program, but have limited funding, this workshop is for you! Author Jim Cain has more than 100 different teambuilding activities that you can include, without breaking your budget.
5:15 PM ... Turn in Evaluations & Head Home