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ACA Ohio Section - Ohio Camping Conference

January 27, 2005
9:00 AM to 5:45 PM

Fawcett Hotel & Conference Center
2400 Olentangy River Rd
Columbus, OH

MapQuest Directions to Fawcett Hotel & Conference Center: Click here

ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR NEW REGISTRANTS ONLY, including option for payment using PayPal

9:00 AM ... Registration, Meet the Vendors
9:35 AM ... Improving our ‘World of Good!’ A 21st Century Look at Camp Outcomes!; Dr. Marge Scanlin - We’ve known intuitively that camp works wonders for campers. Now we have data that shows us the areas where we are strongest…and the areas where we can do even better. Hear the practical implications of research conclusions that can help us with staff training, program planning, and creating a positive atmosphere. Assembly Hall
10:45 AM ... A1 - Essential Functions of a Camper; Linda Ebner Erceg - The concept, familiar on job descriptions, is being used by camps to complete the sentence,"In order to participate in this camp program, a child should be able to . . ." PRoviding this enables prospective clients to determine if their child is a good "match" to a given camp and compliments ADA. Learn how to develop this statement for your own camp program. Highland
10:45 AM ... A2 - Partners for Growing Science; Susan Boggs; Jan Lawver - The Partners for Growing Science Series of 12 curriculum guides were created to bridge the gap between classroom science learning and school field trips and to improve the quality of life science education programming at the elementary level. Participants will be introduced to the Series through a variety of hands-on activities taken from the guides. Ideas on how the Series might be used in a camp setting will be discussed. Monroe
10:45 AM ... A3 - 500,000 Awards; Jon Perry - Half a million ribbons, certificates, medals, trophies, beads, bandannas and other stuff. How many is too many? Do you have to be sincere? When is it too easy? Answers and a Progressive Achievement Program worksheet. Washington
10:45 AM ... A4 - When Basic Parent Complaints Escalate to an Accusation of Unethical Behavior; Susan E. Yoder - Camps serve hundreds – sometimes thousands – of families every year. We hope that every single family has a fabulous experience. Unfortunately, we know that a small number of families will have a complaint of some sort. It is how you handle those complaints that can help your camp to be even better. Sometimes, when a complaint is not handled to the family’s satisfaction – the situation can escalate into the family alleging that you and/or others in your camp have behaved “unethically.” All ACA Members and camps agree to abide by our Code of Ethics - thus, sometimes families contact ACA to complain about a camp or member. The American Camp Association’s Complaint Resolution program has gathered very helpful information and tips that can help camps serve families, and avoid “ethics accusations” – while remaining true to your camp’s policies and procedures. Alumni Lounge
10:45 AM ... A5 - Day Camp Information and Questions & Answers; Kim Brosnan - This session will cover some of the basics about operating a day camp in the state of Ohio. Session will cover some 'Ohio specific' issues and topics such as: Job and Family Services registration requirements as required by statute,fingerprinting staff requirements and volunteer best practices. Session will also allow an opportunity for participants to discuss 'day camp' specific issues and success with each other. Come ready to share and learn. Harrison
10:45 AM ... A6 - Evaluation Strategies; Sereana L. Dresbach, PhD - Discuss the basic principles of evaluation construction and implementation to gather the desired inforamtion. What works, what doesn't and application of evaluation principles that are meaningful. Wyandot
12:10 PM ... Lunch and ACA Ohio Section Business Meeting ABCD Ballrooms
12:30 PM ... What's Happening in ACA?; Ann Sheets - An update on the current programs, projects, and news from ACA national, with emphasis on the fall Leadership Summit, ACA's new business plan, and the upcoming national conference in Orlando. ABCD Ballrooms
2:00 PM ... B1 - How Can the Healthy Camp Study Improve Your Camp?; Linda Ebner Erceg; Dawn Comstock, PhD - Learn how the Health Camp Study can improve your camp. We will show you how collecting and evaluating injury and illness data can improve your camper satisfaction, improve your staff's effectiveness, and decrease your camp expenses. Highland
2:00 PM ... B2 - Crazy Camp Songs; Mary Beth E. King - Are you ready to sing? Come prepared to sing the songs that will get you moving and acting silly. We'll sing a wide variety of songs including slow campfire songs. Alumni Lounge
2:00 PM ... B3 - Harvesting the Best Camp Ideas; Eli M. Cochran - A short talk on creativity and innovation, followed by an idea-harvesting and sharing exercise. What's your best camp idea? Wouldn't you like to know everyone else's? Washington
2:00 PM ... B4 - R.I.S.K. (Reasonable. Integrated. Safety. Knowledge.); Cas Brockman - Your campers and staff are your most important asset. Come join us as we discuss safety and risk management and how they relate to camps. This session is designed to give an overview of what to think about when creating a safety manual and minimizing risk at your camp. Harrison
2:00 PM ... B5 - Best Practices in Hiring; Lori M. Leist - We will explore applicant screening techniques including resume evaluation, interviewing, and reference checking. The goal of this session is to make hiring your staff easier, more efficient, and more successful. Monroe
2:00 PM ... B6 - Core Camp Collaborative; Amy M. Thompson; Dan McKay - This interactive session will offer tips on how to develop and implement a youth driven and led camp program. Core camp is desgined for teens to enhance their leadership and teamwork skills through planning camp activities and presenting to their peers. Wyandot
3:30 PM ... C1 - Bullying: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly; Linda Ebner Erceg - Based on current research, learn how bullying is different from normal peer-to-peer conflict, about the scope of bullying behaviors, and how to coach staff and campers in strategies to reduce bullying potential at your camp. Highland
3:30 PM ... C2 - Games Galore! - Come learn as many games as I can teach in 1 hour and 15 minutes! Most of them are without props. Play and learn that games teach life-long skills such as listening, following directions, risk-taking, teamwork, laughter, anticipating the next move and most of all - FUN! Alumni Lounge
3:30 PM ... C3 - Creative Themes and Evening Programs for Camps and Special Events; Jayne Roth; Megan Arnold - Are your camp evening programs the same old, tired thing every year? Do you have trouble coming up with a camp theme that sparks the imagination? This session will generate host of ideas you can use in your camp program after the supper hour. In addition, techniques will be discussed how to bring your staff along in the theme building process. Transform your camp program into one that campers look forward to all year long! Washington
3:30 PM ... C4 - The Impact of Development Codes & Regulations on Risk Management; Nancy K. Nozik, AIA - Camps and camp development today are significantly impacted by development codes and regulations. These codes and regulations are designed to ensure health and life safety. It is helpful to understand why they are in place and how they affect your camp. We will review the various regulatory agencies that you may encounter, and the impact that their regulations may have on the operation and future development of your camp. Monroe
3:30 PM ... C5 - Employment Woes: Hiring the Best, While Staying out of Trouble; Ann Sheets - This session will deal with pitfalls of hiring and supervising staff and will include suggestions on how to interview, what to require, and things every camp director needs to know about employment issues. Harrison
3:30 PM ... C6 - Family Camp Panel Discussion; Rich G. Garbinsky; Eric C. Dingler; Myra Pravda; Susie V. Sheldon; Lou Thalheimer - This session will address all your concerns about running a family camp weekend. Wyandot
4:45 PM ... Social Time with Appetizers & Raffle