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ACA Ohio Section - Ohio Camping Conference

January 31, 2008
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Greater Columbus Convention Center
400 North High Street
Columbus, OH

MapQuest Directions to Greater Columbus Convention Center: Click here

ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR NEW REGISTRANTS ONLY, including option for payment using PayPal

9:00 AM ... Registration, Meet the Vendors
9:30 AM ... Welcome & Keynote by Martin LeBlanc: Working Together to Leave No Child Inside; Martin LeBlanc - Martin LeBlanc is the National Youth Education Director for the Sierra Club, where he oversees the Sierra Clubs conservation and public education work, including advocacy around youth education issues. A founding Board member of the Children and Nature Network, Martin is responsible for helping build youth leadership within the Leave No Child Inside Movement. For the past 10 years, Martin has worked as an outdoor educator in Seattle, Washington, with at-risk youth. He holds a BA in Political Science from American University in Washington, DC as well as an MA in Environmental Studies from Lancaster University in the UK. Martin believes that we 'owe the next generation of American children a special place in nature so they can be empowered to solve the environmental challenges of the future.'
10:30 AM ... A1 - Follow-Up to Keynote Presentation; Martin LeBlanc - This will be a follow-up to the keynote presentation where the speaker will give an overview of what is going on nationally in the National Leave No Child Inside Movement and how it could be connected to Ohio.
10:30 AM ... A2 - Intentional Sequencing of Teambuilding Activities; Michael D. Ohl; Ian K. Roberts - In this experiential session, participants will gain a working understanding of how to successfully assess a group's wants/needs, as well as properly sequence activities in order to facilitate the best possible experience for a group. This workshop will include activities to reinforce the lessons.
10:30 AM ... A3 - Executive Director Roundtable Discussion; Mike G. McGinty; Anne Brienza; Jim R. Sexstone - Mike, Anne, and Jim will facilitate a stimulating, rewarding, and enriching dialogue about the exciting opportunities and challenges in leading your camp. Bring your questions & comments for the group discussion.
10:30 AM ... A4 - Dynamic Fine Arts: Making Movies, Rock Bands, and Group Art; Stuart MacKenzie - This workshop will detail how to create a fast-paced, dynamic fine arts program that produces confidence-building results for kids with little or no artistic talent. Use your unique camp environment to give every kid that unforgettable 'rock star' experience that will keep them coming back. In short - expose your campers to fun camp projects they can only do at camp and that set them up to publicly succeed. AT THE WORKSHOP: Learn how to employ our system at your camp; watch fun short films made by our Movie Clubs; experience 'rocking out' with the camp band, even if you have never played guitar before; learn how to execute giant, breathtaking art projects, such as Camp Ernst's infamous electric blue trees.
10:30 AM ... A5 - Camp Staff Selection Using Power Hiring®; Maggie D. King - 'Some say that typical interviews are only a little more accurate than flipping a coin.' Using the YMCA of the USA's Staff Selection tool that was created by Power Hiring®, we will investigate this statement and discuss some powerful tips for our own hiring process. Materials for this session used by permission of Gary Forster, Camping Specialist, YMCA of the USA.
10:30 AM ... A6 - Ripple Rock Pond; Carol A. Bellina; Julie Herron - ACA grant sponsored 'fishy science pond' 2007. This session will teach you how to plan, construct, and use your very own fish pond. Educational programs, feeding and care information will be provided.
10:30 AM ... A7 - The More the Merrier-Lead Games w/ Large Groups; Faith Evans - Expand your bag of tricks! Play and learn activities that work with large group openings and closings, generate energy, help people get to know each other, set a friendly tone, and leave with good feelings. participate in self-facilitate Team Sheets as a way to work with smaller groups inside os a large one; take home some new ideas and have some fun with activities found in the new book, 'The More the Merrier' by Cavert, Evans, and Skies.
12:00 PM ... Lunch and ACA Ohio Section Business Meeting
2:00 PM ... B1 - Harnessing the Energy of the National Leave No Child Inside Movement; Jenny Morgan; Alice Hohl - How can your camp benefit from the current trends in conservation, particularly the Leave No Child Inside movement sparked by Richard Louv's book? We will demonstrate some strategies that have worked for Camp Fire's Camp Wyandot, and show you how Camp Fire has incorporated the movement into its marketing materials. Also learn about the Leave No Child Inside Summit, the local Website and blog.
2:00 PM ... B2 - The Art of Leadership; Betty J. Wingerter - Many of us know the science of leadership. Many more of use aren't quite sure about the art of being a leader. In this session, we'll explore the 'art' of leadership. Participants will complete a leadership assessment and explore how we can apply the arts of leadership in our work with camp boards, staff development and other teams.
2:00 PM ... B3 - Human/Youth Development-How does this contribute to camp program quality?; Peter Surgenor - We will identify individual camp outcomes, review research which suggests how to maximize these outcomes and help each other sharpen our camp outcome statements.
2:00 PM ... B4 - Outdoor Survival Camp; Kirstin Shrom-Rhoads; Scott G. Seese - Grant recipient for 2005, Camp Otterbein staff will share the design, challenges, and successes of an outdoor survival event for high school campers. This event is now being planned for it's third summer. This session will be a 'how-to' plus an evaluation of what they have done.
2:00 PM ... B5 - The Positive Impact of Camps from a Parent Perspective; Jason Hedrick; Greg Homan; Jeff S. Dick - As camp program marketing strategies are developed to recruit campers and retain campers, it is important to acknowledge that parents play a critical role in the decision to enroll their children as residential campers. The results of this shared research can serve as a tool for marketing camp programs by providing evidence of positive youth development stemming from the camping experience in the areas of independent living skills, self-esteem, leadership, social skills, spirituality, character, decision making, health/safety and citizenship.
2:00 PM ... B6 - Using the Internet to Keep your Camp Full; Ed Metzendorf - Maximize your website's potential to help keep your parent's focus year round with the latest, greatest (and free) technologies. This session will look at steps you can take to retain and recruit campers, increase your online exposure, engage camp parents, and add $$$ to the bottom line. Special emphasis will be placed on online registration and database management.
2:00 PM ... B7 - Mentor Circles - Help Each Other Help Yourself; Faith Evans - Mentor Circles engage partners in self-discovery and mutual learning. Experience Mentor Circles, a playful and profound process to fill the gaps in staff training. Share your wisdom, ask for, receive knowledge in your chosen area for growth, and expand professional connections. Take it home and try it. Be ready for surprises, good learning, and fun!
3:00 PM ... Meet Vendors/Snacks
3:45 PM ... C1 - CANCELLED - Ohio Department of Natural Resources A Great Resource for Camp; Rich Milleson - The ODNR session has been cancelled. ODNR representatives will address the entire group at lunch. *** Come and explore the possibilities with ODNR. ODNR will outline programs that they offer and discuss ways that camps can collaborate with ODNR. ODNR programs range from boating skills to nature based curriculum. Does your camp ever struggle to lead a solid nature based program, now you can rely on the experts to provide this information to you and your staff or even bring ODNR professionals to your camp.
3:45 PM ... C2 - Experience a variety of 'Team in a Tub' Initiatives; John V. Fark - This workshop will focus on participants sharing and experiencing as many Team Challenge Adventures portable initiatives as possible. We will use the three stage facilitation process and share effective facilitation techniques that work using the 'fast forward' mode to speed up the process. Come prepared with comfortable clothes, shoes, a notebook, positive attitude, accept the challenge and have fun.
3:45 PM ... C3 - ACA Ohio Legislative Panel - Key Legislative Issues and Messages for Camps in OH; Rich G. Garbinsky; Dave Devey; Paul L. Huttlin; Rep. Jon M. Peterson; Marty Sweterlitsch - Minimum wage, criminal background checks, and many other legislative issues have come to the forefront for camps in Ohio in recent times. We, as the camp community, need to understand what the issues are and how they affect the camp experience. We also need to discuss who and how to talk to members of the legislature so they understand the camp point of view. Be part of a vibrant discussion and learn from those who do this on a daily basis AND understand camp and the camp experience. We will discuss current and pertinent legislative issues while looking forward to see what may be on the horizon for camps in Ohio.
3:45 PM ... C4 - Do's and Don'ts of a Successful Teen Service Program; Todd Long; Eli M. Cochran - Camp Ernst has built up its popular 'crew' program over the past 15 years. Along the way, we've made our fair share of mistakes. We'll share these with you along with the points of success which have brought our teen servant leadership program to its current enrollment of more than 50 15 year olds every week.
3:45 PM ... C5 - Camp Health Concerns; Allison P. Beekman; Sue Lewis - This session will cover a variety of topics such as MRSA, HIPPA, hygiene, allergies and how to educate campers and staff.
3:45 PM ... C6 - The Geo Team Experience; Chris Lewis - Here is your chance to play with $14 Billion worth of technology (complements of the Federal Government) in a National Treasure meets Amazing Race type of teambuilding challenge. It's a whole new twist on a traditional challenge course experience using GPS technology and adventure challenge activities.
3:45 PM ... C7 - Mentor Circles - (Double Session) participants must attend both B and C sessions; Faith Evans