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The Banana Slug String Band - OCC Keynote!!!

Thursday, January 30th, 2003 at the Fawcett Center

Join us this year as we welcome the Banana Slug String Band as our keynote and session(s) leaders. Many of you will be familiar with their music and programs in outdoor education. Doug "Dirt" Greenfield is an alum of an ACA Ohio Section Camp - find out which one at OCC.

From their web site, www.bananaslugstringband.com, "The Banana Slug String Band is a group of lovable musicians and educators from the coastal redwoods of Northern California. The Slugs are "Airy" Larry Graff, Doug "Dirt" Greenfield, "Solar" Steve Van Zandt and "Marine" Mark Nolan.

With voices, guitars, mandolin, bass, harmonica, banjo and percussion, the songs range from rockin' boogies to sensitive ballads, from folk songs to reggae and rap. They blend music, theater, puppetry and audience participation to create a fun-filled learning experience. The Banana Slug String Band bring the FUN-damentals of science and ecology to you with characters like Big Red, Zee Professor, Mr. Dirt and The Nature Man.

The Banana Slug String Band Mission Statement

The Banana Slug String Band is committed to educational entertainment for children and families through interactive music and performance. We are dedicated to fostering positive attitudes about the environment, providing accurate information about natural history and science, promoting music appreciation, building self esteem in children, honoring creativity, supporting the arts in education and sparking in people a joyful sense of wonder. Through the production of tapes, CD's, videos, songbooks, picture books, curriculum, activity guides, teacher workshops and concerts, we hope to make these values accessible to an increasingly wider audience. We endorse and support collaboration with other individuals and organizations that promote the well being of children, family and the environment. We believe that music is a powerful instrument for honoring diversity while uniting people for the common good.

Banana Slug String Band awards:

  • 1996 - Howard Bell Award for Outstanding Contributions in Outdoor Education

For "Goin' Wild"

  • 2000 - AFIM Indie Award, Children's Album of the Year
  • 2000 - National Park Service Audio Interpretive Excellence Awards
  • Amazon.com 5 Star Rating!   Entertainment Weekly 4 Star Rating!

For "Penguin Parade"

  • 1996 - National Association of Parenting Publications Honor Award
  • 1996 - Parent's Choice Audio Approval
  • 1997 - American Library Association's Notable Children's Recording

For "Slugs At Sea"

  • 1991 - N.A.I.R.D. Children's Album of the Year (Nominee) "
OCC will be the usual day long format with registration, keynote, "A" sessions, lunch/business meeting, "B" sessions, "C" sessions and closing with appetizers/social. There will be exhibitors and the ACA bookstore. Registration will begin at 9 a.m. The conference will wrap up by 5:30 p.m. We hope you will plan now to join us for the day. Look for the OCC brochure in December.